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Sisters of "O.L.Vrouw van 7 Weeën"

letter_off_sponsoringTranslation of the original letter :

We sisters of "O.L.Vrouw van 7 Weeën" would like to express our deepest gratitude for sponsoring a MRS 2000 + designo for our little convent. We live together in one house with 28 sisters, 8 of them are in constant need of special health care.We bought already 2 MRS2000 med systems in the past, but for 28 sisters it was simply not enough to fulfill the daily needs of applications. With the third new system given to us by MediConsult Charity now every sister will get the opportunity to use it on a daily basis.
We feel very, very grateful about receiving this wonderful gift from you and we assure to utilize it as much as we can.


Sister Adrienne Neirynck
President, VZW Sisters O.L.V. Van 7 Weeën