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Santa Fe Soul Foundation

Dear Wolfgang,

We were recently gifted two MRS 2000 units for our non-profit foundation, the Santa Fe Soul Foundation. On behalf of Dr. Robyn Benson, our Board of Directors, Staff and the clients who will directly benefit from these units, I wish to express deep gratitude and thanks!

Santa Fe Soul Foundation is dedicated to healing our community by helping the people of New Mexico access complementary alternative healthcare treatments and education. I have attached our recent brochure for you to see the work we are doing. Our goal is to reach at least seventy people in the coming months through a variety of offerings. We feel fortunate to be able to include the MRS 2000 as an integral part of the therapies offered through our programs.

For over two years, the MRS has been use as both a primary and complimentary wellness modality in the Health and Healing Center of which our non-profit is a branch. The 30 practitioners we have on staff benefit daily from the MRS2000 and the iMRS by feeling more centered, relaxed, rejuvenated and energized to meet their clients in sessions. Employing the mat with various modalities has also reduced treatment time and added to the efficacy of each treatment. I perform many of the intravenous therapies here and the mat has aided me greatly in inducing systemic relaxation and vasodialation, which makes insertion and placement of an IV catheter very easy. This procedure is further enhanced by running the MRS during the treatment so as to maximize the uptake and assimilation of the nutrients. The MRS has been a safe, noninvasive way to treat everyone who visits our clinic. I can say that with every patient/condition we have treated in the last two years, each has benefited in some way and we have testimonials and stories too numerous to list here.

The MRS has helped shape the destiny of our clinic. In addition to offering a full range of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, we are also now known as a hub for various Energy Medicine modalities. PEMF therapy has become a "household " term if not reality for many of our clients and colleagues and we feel fortunate to be companions with Mediconsult on this new paradigm wave of wellness.


Sudarshan Ahben, Case Manager
on behalf of Santa Fe Soul Foundation