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MRS 2000+ designo for VZW LINK

charity_cuynen_bartDear Mr. Wolfgang Jaksch,

I would like to thank you in the name of the entire board of our association "LINK" for your generous donation of a MRS 2000 + designo to support our children with learning disabilities.
The MRS 2000 + designo system will create a great additional value in our snoezelroom and snoezelactivities. In this special room, we work with children, suffering from socioemotional problems, by helping to find themselves. Our snoezelroom is decorated in the four natural elements (water, fire, air and earth), furthermore we are working intensively with gemstones. We are sure, you understand the value of geomagnetism in this space.
The entire setup allow us a unique and powerful snoezelen for around 30 children each week.

Cuynen Bart