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MRS2000+ designo accompanying the ‘NOTRE DAME SISTERS’

Sister Phyllis Marie Heble, ND, who has obtained extensive knowledge in pulsed magnetic fields and became certified by MediConsult in the year of 2007, has now returned to the convent mother house in Omaha, Nebraska.

While serving as the chair person of the St. Thomas More Health Committee in Denver, her passion extended to magnetic resonance stimulation which she successfully applied to needy parishioners. This passion was further fueled by a significant bone density improvement which she experienced personally. In addition, the MRS 2000 became a very supportive tool in her ‘healing touch’ another form of energy therapy.

Back in Omaha, Sister Phyllis continues her work with the MRS 2000, offering treatments to the Sisters, the needy and also at Hospice Care. In admiration of Sister Phyllis’s dedication and in fulfillment of our MRS 2000 charity program, MediConsult was happy to donate an additional MRS 2000 MED to the convent of the NOTRE DAME SISTERS.

In deep gratitude, the Sisters wish to extend greetings to MediConsult and to all of us with their picture below. At the same time, we will learn that Sisters have long given up their ‘Sister-Look’ which we were all familiar with, but it seems fitting just as well and we wish them the very best.

Hermina Danneil
MediConsult USA

Picture:  Sister Phyllis Marie Heble, ND (end of the mat) handing over the mat to Mother Superior, Sister Margaret Hickey, ND (right) and Julia Hebenstreit, J.D., Vice President for Advancement – Notre Dame Sisters.