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St. Eugene Charity Event in Brampton, Ontario!

As announced in our last newsletter, we have begun to respond to requests from charities, which greatly benefit from using the MRS 2000. The first one being St. Eugene, Hope for the Future Foundation.

On a beautiful late Saturday afternoon we presented the first MRS 2000 units to Bozena Zmurko, President of St. Eugene Foundation in Brampton, Ontario. Bozena, who owns an MRS 2000 herself had made her unit available to many of these children over the past and witnessed first-hand the wonderful results in these children. From improved mental clarity, relaxation, calmness and even happiness, all these benefits are incredible for these children and their care-taking parents. St. Eugene is a foundation for children with special needs whose parents mostly live on low incomes. Thank you Bozena, for giving The Health Technicians of Canada the opportunity to make such a difference in the quality of the lives of your wonderful, special children and we look forward to experience their progress.

Thank you to Halina Markowski for being there with me. It feels wonderful to make a difference in the world!

Allie Ochs, President of The Health Technicians Canada



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