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Jump and Jive for Mito Awareness Gala Event!

An evening of glamour, gourmet food and wonderful entertainment at the Bingham Park in Kitchener! The Jump and Jive for Mito Awareness Gala night was much more than that: an evening of hope and wonderful people dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children affected by Mitochondrial disease. While most people may have never heard the word or even now that we all have Mitochondria, for us at MediConsult this is our business.

Simply put, Mitochondria are the powerhouses of most cells in the human body generating the energy needed by the body to perform all functions. Impairment or compromised Mitochondria function means less energy is converted in the cell, cells may stop working or die, parts of the body may not function and the result is a variety of health problems.

The MRS 2000 (or the new iMRS) activates cell function through natural pulsed electromagnetic fields, which is great news for all of us -just think if all the cells in the body function at their optimal level how the body will repair, restore, regenerate and revive! For MediConsult it is a natural fit to align with this Gala event and we donated 4 MRS 2000 devices to help these children improve cell function- we think we are onto something! Little Madi will be the first recipient of the MRS 2000 and we will stay keep up with her progress.

Thank you Walter Gretzky (father of the famous Canadian Hockey Player Wayne Gretzky) for your wonderful speech and great company. Thank you Laurie and Jessica for such an amazing event and allowing MediConsult to be a part of spreading hope! Thank you Holly Dunn and David Bastedo for being part of the cause and making this wonderful connection and for your commitment to support this Charity with guidance on using the MRS 2000. We are proud to have you as one of our representatives in our company.

On the way to healthier cells


Allie Ochs, President Health Technicians Canada



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